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Nokia LCD + WiiNunchuck with MSP430

January 3, 2011 12 comments

I bought myself couple of msp430 Launchpad’s when they first came out. At $4.30 with free shipping from TI, it’s one heck of a deal for what comes in the package. I wanted to use the lesser of the two mcu’s that comes in the package to do something cool. I first worried about 2kB flash size being an issue, but I was wrong. The 16bit architecture yields smaller compiled text and it packs enough space to do build some serious applications. The number of peripherals and features these mcu’s support are rather generous and I found these mcu’s quite pleasant/fun to work with.

Having the option to develop in linux was important to me. With msp430-gcc and mspdebug, I had all the toolchain necessary to start coding for these little suckers. So I wanted to see if it was possible to make a simple hand-held gaming device with just one chip. This required a small LCD screen and a user input device like Wii Nunchuck.

The source code that produces that runs the setup above is available here:

The code is just barebones. It contains just enough to communicate with the LCD and Wii Nunchuck. Read through after the break for more details.

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